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Puzzle Marathon

I have provided Yajilin puzzle for LMI Puzzle Marathon for this year (2014).

Creating a bigger Yajilin was my first attempt at this competition only. After going through the previous Puzzle Marathon contests I decided to go for Yajilin even though I knew it would be very difficult to make one as I have not even created smaller grids.

In the early days I struggled for placement of clues and finally decided to have 'LMI' theme and placed the clues, with the clues placed like L,M and I, the puzzle had easy opening and gradually made the puzzle to make it easy but in the end it turned to be hard.

I would say that this puzzle is not having straight logical solving (mid and end solve) but very good one for leisure solving.
(Originally created puzzle for the competition; clue shading is purely for aesthetic purpose only)

The below puzzle is a modification of the above one and made it easier for the contest and the whole solve path is purely logical.
(Puzzle used for the competition)


Classic Masyu Contest
In April, 2013 I have authored the first LMI beginners' puzzle contest which has only Masyu puzzles with varying difficulty.

Link to the puzzles and results - click here

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