About me and blog

Hello readers,
My name is Ravi Kumar Macherla. I am a puzzle enthusiast ever since I was in school, not saying that I am excellent at solving puzzles or at creating them, but I always had inclination towards logic.
I have started this blog to publish my puzzles as a hobby, since I am an amateur author the puzzles may not be difficult or have the same quality as other world class puzzle authors. So, at least I will be providing good logical puzzles.

Hope you will enjoy my blog.

You can contact me at


  1. Really Nice to see your blog and puzzles created by you.
    Do keep it up. Looking forward to puzzles created by you.

    1. Thank you Rajesh for your kind words. I will try to keep it running as much as possible. I am planning to post atleast 30 types by the end of the year.

  2. A fun variety of puzzles. I especially enjoyed the Tiki Tour. Keep up the good work.